WJ Family’s Geocaching Puzzle Webtools

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We decided we’d make a website to have links to various puzzle solving tools we have found helpful. Hopefully you will also find them helpful. Feel free to message us with additional suggestions! Short link: bit.ly/wjgeopuzzles

Generally Useful Cipher/Crypto Sites

These sites have various cipher solving tools and other useful stuff:

Cryptogram Solver

Simple Caesar Cipher Solver

Dancing Men Decoding

Math and Logic Puzzles

Cipher Detection

Unsure what kind of cipher you are looking at?

Vigenère Crackers

Vigenère ciphers are really popular with Geocachers. If you are pretty sure you have a Vigenère cipher but can’t figure out the key, sometimes you can crack it with these tools.

Whether or not using these counts as cheating depends on how frustrated you are. For other ciphers, you can generally search Google for <cipher name> online cracker and you might find something useful.

Other Crackers

Here are some other crackers we've come across:

Encoding Conversion

Reverse Image Search

Got an image and have no idea what it is? You can use reverse image search to (maybe) find it.

Both also support drag-n-drop.

Hidden Info In Images

Think an image may have hidden information? Here are some sites that might help you view it.

Animated GIFs

Identifying Unknown Characters

Not sure what alphabet or script you are dealing with?

If you have identified the alphabet or script, these are some sites that may be useful:

Wikipedia and Wiktionary are also available in hundreds of other languages! If you think you know what language or country something is from, you can search other wikis in the relevant language for names and places. Searching Google with <name> wiki also works if you have no idea where to look.

Finding just the right word

For lots of word puzzles you can get stuck trying to find just the right word. Here are some tools to help.


Of course you often need to manipulate coordinates, too!


Disclaimer: we have not personally tried these apps, nor do we have any financial interest in any of them.


Here are some additional tools that didn't fit nicely into one of the above categories.

Other puzzle solving collection sites

Here are some other sites that have gathered geocaching tools.

Old Geocaching site search page

Trip planning

In addition to cachetur, you might find some of the sites below useful for planning trips.

More as we find them...